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We offer two different size Mugs, 11oz and 15oz. Our Mugs are made from a high quality ceramic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. A hot item for customers, friends and family

  • 11 oz. ceramic mugs in a variety of designs
  • High-quality, full-color printing

Great gift idea for friends, family and customers

Mug printing



As you can see, the print area (GREEN) will be printed on the Mug. Anything outside that area (RED) will not be printed. Remember, the print area for the 11oz. Mug is 8.5×3 while the print area for the 15oz. Mug


Above is an example of offset position for Mugs. As you can see, you can achive a left, center, or right print by positioning the logo or artwork accordingly on the 8.5×3 document size.