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Locking-Pin Buttons / PROMO PRODUCTS

Our Traditional Locking-Pin Buttons are printed at near photo quality and have a durable metal locking-pin backer.

locking pin printing

Available Sizes:

Round – 1×1, 1.25×1.25, 2.25×2.25, 3×3, 3.5×3.5
Rectangle – 2.5×3.5, 2×3
Square – 2×2
Diamond – 2×2


General FAQ & File Setup:


1. What process do you use to print Buttons?

Buttons are printed by a CMYK digital print process. They are near photo quality.

2. What are the different types of Buttons you offer?

There are 5 different types of Buttons… Locking-Pin Buttons, Magnet Buttons, Mirror Buttons, Coaster Buttons, and Keychain Buttons. They are all printed and produced in the same way but have different backers.

3. What types of files do you accept for Buttons?

Acceptable file types at the moment are .pdf, .jpg, and .eps files.

4. What sizes are available for the different types of buttons?

There are various sizes for the different types of buttons. Please visit the Materials guide above to see pictures of what each backer looks like.

Locking-Pin Buttons
Round- 1×1, 1.25×1.25, 2.25×2.25, 3×3, 3.5×3.5
Rectangle- 2.5×3.5, 2×3
Square- 2×2
Diamond- 2×2

Magnet Buttons
Round- 1×1, 1.25×1.25, 2.25×2.25, 3×3
Square- 2×2

Mirror Buttons
Round- 2.25×2.25, 3×3

Coaster Buttons
Round- 3.5×3.5

Keychain Buttons – 2 Types
Round- 1×1 (plastic backer w/metal chain and keyring), 2.25×2.25 (metal backer w/keyring)

5. How can I get samples of the different types of buttons?

You can purchase pre-made samples, You can also purchase a Button Package if you would like to use your own artwork. Button Packages are available through the trade site at a quantity of 1.

6. How do I set up my artwork for the different Button products?

All of the different types of Button products follow the same rules as normal print ready artwork. The difference is in the safety areas. Each of the button products have the safety areas a bit different so we do recommend always using our certified templates to prepare your artwork. To download our templates

7. How do I set up my artwork for a Button package?

Button packages require artwork to be setup on our certified templates. Since the Button packages consist of different button products, you must use our template to find where each product goes on the sheet we provide. You cannot upload single files for the Button packages. Your final artwork should be on a 12×8.75 sheet according to the template we provide. To download our templates,

8. What does each Button package consist of?

Here are what the different Button packages consist of:

All Rounds – Sheet size is 12×8.75
3.5×3.5 Round Button w/Coaster
3×3 Round Button w/Locking Pin
2.25×2.25 Round Button w/Mirror
2.25×2.25 Round Button w/Magnet
2.25×2.25 Round Button w/Key Chain
1.25×1.25 Round Button w/Locking Pin
1.25×1.25 Round Button w/Magnet
1×1 Round Button w/Key Chain
1×1 Round Button w/Locking Pin
1×1 Round Button w/Magnet

All Squares – Sheet size is 12×8.75
3.5×2.5 – Rectangle Button w/Locking Pin
2.5×3.5- Rectangle Button w/Locking Pin
3×2- Rectangle Button w/Locking Pin
2×2- Square Button w/Locking Pin
2×2- Square Button w/Magnet
2×2- Diamond Button w/Locking Pin

Mixed Shapes – Sheet size is 12×8.75
3.5×3.5 Round Button w/Coaster
3×3 Round Button w/Mirror
2.5×2.5 Round Button w/Locking Pin
2.25×2.25 Round Button w/Keychain
2×3 Rectangle Button w/Locking Pin
2×2 Square Button w/Magnet
2×2 Diamond Button w/Locking Pin
1×1 Round Button w/Keychain